Transmission port 51413 tcp or udp

I had to have my vps provider open port 51413 udp and tcp when I first. Port 51413 UDP3 messages19 août 2013Does Transmission actually use the specified port? However, if you’re behind a NAT (a router or DSL ‘modem’), it is safe disable the firewall. I opened TCP port and it plainly says open. Just about every guide I’ve found has a different port or port-range I should open in my firewall. Just opening the above ports didn’t work, so in a separate. The port 51413 is for incoming connections.

Transmission port 51413 tcp or udp

Transmission not downloading4 messages15 févr.

Configure UFW Firewall to allow. Autres résultats sur ubuntuforums. How do I open port 51413 for Transmission? I have ufw but i opened ports there and tried without it – probably not the problem. ISP restricting incoming traffic or BitTorrent traffic. Short-Description: Start or stop the transmission-daemon. J’aimerai utiliser Transmission , or celui-ci est "vide".

Impossibilité donc de laisser le port 51413 TCP ouvert! Problème d’ouverture de port avec l’application. Transmission : "port fermé" alors qu’il est ouvert sur. Commonly used by Transmission BitTorrent Client. I am using the default port 51413 and am not sure if it is only a rule to. I can’t see any examples of iptable config for Transmission in Slitaz in.

So, see whether changing the udp to tcp in your firewall.