Border-bottom position

You can use a mixture of line-height and margin to garner such an effect, like so:. The h3 tag also has a bottom border. Thanks for the replies, but adjusting line-height doesn’t appear to change the border position. Note: If "position:static", the bottom property has no effect. Sets the bottom edge position in % of containing element. The border-bottom shorthand property sets all the bottom border properties in one declaration. The CSS border properties allow you to specify the style, width, and color of an element’s border. Position et couleur: Vous pouvez définir la couleur de la bordure du bas grace à la propriété : border-bottom-color.

Is any way I could control the length of the border-bottom? Can I position a dash under a word? Do you think that I could use and add some. The problem with text-decoration: underline is that the border always has the same color as the text and that you can’t define the space. Often times people will use border-bottom: 1px solid in favor of text-decoration:. The secondary border is added with a pseudo element. Let’s create some div and assign the margin, padding and border properties.

Border; 2 Margin, padding, outline; 3 Font; 4 Background. Soulignement pointillé: La propriété border-bottom permet de produire un. The width, style, and color of all four sides of the border of a box. A shorthand property that combines border-top , border-right , border-bottom , and border-left. Positions an element absolute at the bottom. To a apply a circled shape, add the.